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Will you say “I love you”? 

I’m probably going to start posting more original things now :>

pen pressure wasnt working so i doodled this girl

I drew my sister and her friend's acnl axe murder twin characters and an unidentified body (◕‿◕✿)


Heya guys! I really love the SnK fandom. Because of it, I was able to interact with more people here on tumblr and IRL. It simply feels great to be able to talk to other people about things we mutually like. :))

To show my appreciation for the SnK fandom, I’m giving away one set of prints featuring my drawings of some of the SnK characters as sailor kids. Oh, and since I’ve received some feedback from some people wanting to purchase the said prints before, I’m putting up an option to buy the sets for 5USD each. Giveaway and purchasing details below!


  • Likes and reblogs count. Reblog as much as you like.
  • Open to all. No need to follow me. I’ll throw in a free drawing of your favorite SnK character if you’re a follower though. :))
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Keep you askbox open!
  • Contest ends on August 10. I’ll use one of those randomizer sites to pick the winner. :) 


  • PRICE: 5USD per set. Contents of each set can be seen in the picture above. Picture not clear enough? Here’s the post with the artworks.
  • SHIPPING: I’ll ship anywhere! I’ll be using regular airmail for this. Also, the 5USD fee for the prints will already cover the shipping expenses. No extra charges for the shipping then. :)
  • HOW TO ORDER:Please send an email to moaniez@gmail.com with the ff:


  • Name:
  • Full address:
  • Paypal address:
  • Number of sets you want to buy: